Technology & Pedagogy

Friday, October 26
11:20 AM – 12: 15 PM
Salon B

Moderator: Marilyn Dyrud, Oregon Institute of Technology

Sophisticated electronics have touched every part of our lives: how we conduct our business affairs, how we communicate with friends and colleagues–how we live. For educators, technology has altered how and what we teach.In this fast-paced session, ABC’s Outstanding Teacher Award winners offer suggestions for teaching with and about technology, tips that are easily implementable.

Presenters, in order of award (tentative):

Mary Munter, Dartmouth College
Randy Barker, Virginia Commonwealth University
Iris Varner, Illinois State University
Marsha L. Bayless, Stephen F. Austin State University
Donna Kienzler, Iowa State University
Bill McPherson, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Bertha Du-Babcock, City University of Hong Kong
Kathy Rentz, University of Cincinnati
Jim Dubinsky, Virginia Tech
David Victor, Eastern Michigan University
Lisa Gueldenzoph Snyder, North Carolina AT&T State University